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       Slidell - USA, Philadelphia

I am Slidell and I want to show you the most important things in the live of a cat. First thing: Food. Too bad that my cup is empty and the kitchen, too. There are two more guys waiting for this, well this one never moves... but this one is as hungry as I am !

Directly connected to food is my human. The bigger the hunger the bigger the joy then she arrives ! After food the next most important thing is freedom. Out of the backdoor into the big world. Climbing fences...

strolling around... crawling through the grass... running through beautiful landscapes...

enjoying the art of shadows... ... and nature ... ... makes us very tired ! This is the time when we look for a quiet spot to take a nap.

Well, sleeping is also very important for a cat. And we are picky in the places we use for this, even if they are not planned for us like this dog kennel ! For more pictures visit Slidell's Blog.

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