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       Cooper - Seattle Fall

Cooper enjoys a sunny day in fall. Bird watching Colorful leaves attracting also the eyes of a cat.

Hiding in the grass. That's really an artist at work. Orange and blue.

Shadows on a wall Time tunnel ? Cooper is waiting until someone gets home and watches the neighbors in the meantime.

Finally he sees the car of his humans. Hungry, he crosses the busy road. This is a safe home...

... protected by Wichtels ? Nothing keeps a hungry cat out of the house. 5 Minutes later, Cooper made his way through the cellar into the house and is now looking for his humans in order to get food.

No one is here ?! Hmmm, noise from upstairs. Lets check this. Up, up, ...

And around the corner... (Ladies, please close your eyes now !) Arghhh !!! (- Next picture removed in order to keep this page nice -) Coopers humans in clothes.

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