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       Out of the day of a cat - Goliath

Agent Goliath is eating his breakfast. We don't know what kind of dangers the day brings. Mr. R is briefing the mission: observation of Mrs. U. This will get no easy task. Approaching at the location.

Contacting Agent X. I need support, please secure area. Checking for traps. This place may look like a playground - but the this may be an illusion. Getting closer to Mrs. U. Where is Agent Y ?

Here he is. He is a long term observator but a little bit inflexible. Agent Y, where is the target ? Acknowledge. Sneaking close to the ground to avoid visible detection. Checking sky - clear.

Reporting visual contact to target. Enabling polarization optic to reduce mirror effect of glass. Reporting that target is using cell phone. Capturing number. Ups ! Target discovered my presence !

Red Alarm !!! Target is jumping up and try to teas me with underwear ! Better to move my butt.    

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