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       Out of the day of a cat - Aeneas

7am and set in front of the door. And the weather looks like rain. Needless to say that I don't like rain. Mice also don't like rain. I can not smell or hear one hidden in the gras.

So it is perhaps better to return. Hmmm, door locked, no one at home. Ok, plan B - hide under a car, wait for better weather and clean the coat

Well, the weather got better. It is time to visit neighboors beautiful smelling garden... for a reason every cat knows...

... there is no better place to make Pipi as between this lovely scenery of nice flowers :-) Ups, is this backdoor locked ? How bad, the neighboor has just discovered my toilett work ! Maybe if I push harder...

Escape ! Escape ! Now run ! Shifting a gear higher... Sharp right, no problem with 4WD.

Phew. This makes me thirsty. And hungry. I think I will check out the wood blocks for mice. It looks like rain again, better return home now.

I really hope that someone hears my heard breaking miauws and let me in before I get wet.    

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